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Securing and disposing of liquid waste is a challenge. Solidification of waste materials is the preferred way of managing liquid waste as it greatly improves the ease of transporting and containing the waste in secured disposal points. 

Of the many solidification options out there, superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are the strongest and fastest method on the market. 


Interested in Learning More?

If you manage projects requiring liquid waste removal or solidification, we offer personalized seminar training on solidification. All attendees will receive a CEU / PDH that can be self-reported. 

Sessions are a one-hour course and count as one professional development credit. Both in-person and online sessions are available depending on location and preference.

Attendees will be coached on best practices for SAP applications. Additionally, the training includes the following:

  • Defining Solidification and Common Methods
  • Job Site Considerations
  • Reducing Common Expenses: Including Transportation and Storage Costs
  • Comparing Solidifiers and Relevant Applications
  • Defining Superabsorbent Polymers
  • Practical Examples and Open Questions Forum


How to Get Started:

If you are interested in booking a training, begin by submitting the form below. Our sales team will review the request and reach out to complete the registration. In the final field, be sure to include a range of dates for scheduling.